• Less Time, Less Effort

    Install more Fab-Lok® fasteners in less time without having to switch between multiple drills, wrenches and sockets. All you need is a dril and the H-Ton Driver!

  • All-In-One Design

    The H-Ton Driver combines a drill bit, nut driver, and 12-point socket in 1 compact tool that makes installing Fab-Lok's® a breeze!

  • Great for Tight Spaces

    It's easy to Install Fab-Lok's® in tight clearance areas like Unistrut, electrical boxes, and more thanks to the H-Ton Driver's compact and optimized design.

Works Great in Tight Spaces!

Effortlessly install Fab-Lok® fasteners in INP/SIP panels with electrical boxes, Unistrut, and other tight clearance fixtures using the H-Ton driver.

Precision Fit for Fab-Lok® Fasteners

Made from hardened alloy steel, and precisely machined to install Fab-Lok® fasteners.


Drill, Install, Fasten

Everything you need to install Fab-Lok® fasteners in one simple tool. All you need is a drill with an adjustable chuck.

H-Ton Products

At H-Ton Tools LLC, we transform challenges into solutions, offering a game-changing tool that makes Fab-Lok fastener installations a breeze.